I began working with Nicole in March of 2016 following my first bikini competition with a reverse diet program. I remember having no reservation as I was recommended to her by a friend who had transformed her body in a healthy way with the help of Nicole as her coach. What I liked about Nicole was her ability to customize a nutrition and workout program to best fit my individual needs. I loved the concept of counting macros myself and flexibly dieting. She taught me how to do these things so that I could enjoy foods without being restricted to a constant, super clean diet. I was able to lose body fat, gain muscle and participate in two other bikini competitions in 2016, placing in the top 5 in one.

Not only has my body benefited from Nicole’s coaching, my mental and spiritual health have improved as well. Nicole is such a positive light, it’s impossible to be around her and not feel her positive energy. She is so complimentary, empowering and genuine. She truly cares deeply for all of her clients and wants the best for them in every way. I have recommended Nicole to 5-6 of my friends. I recommend her to anyone who wishes to change their lives in a sustainable and healthy way. I do not wish that anything be done differently with my training because she has done such a wonderful job of individualizing my program.

An important thing to know about Nicole is that she is a very knowledgeable person regarding the latest nutrition and fitness information. She makes it a priority to continue her education weekly and use that knowledge to best support her clients. She believes in constant growth and this is so evident in her work with me and with those I have recommended her services to. Nicole has truly changed my life. Thanks, Nicole!!!