“When did I get fat?”  That’s all I kept thinking.  When did this happen?  How did this happen? How come nobody told me?

I was thin as a child, in my teens and 20’s.  At some point, sometime in my 30’s I guess, my metabolism must have changed.  I was eating the same way I always did but each year the scale changed.  5 pounds this year, 10 pounds the next.  Before I knew it, let’s face it, I was overweight.  I stayed that way for a number of years, doing nothing about it.  Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. It was my birthday and it was no longer fun to shop for a new outfit for my birthday dinner.  I ‘settled’ for a not so flattering pair of shorts and a shirt that was ‘okay’.

I realized if I wanted shopping to be fun again, I had to do something.  I decided a personal trainer was what I needed, because I have never exercised before (and didn’t know how to).  I had never been in any organized sport, nothing.  I knew I could do this if I had some direction.  I got that direction from Nicole.  At first I thought that if I could lose 20 pounds that would be very exciting!  Nicole’s goals were a bit more lofty.  I remember her telling me that if I did EVERYTHING she told me to do, I would lose 30 pounds ( and she gave me the date it would happen)!

After my first training session I couldn’t walk for a week.  I was so sore I kept thinking ‘what am I doing’?  But I kept at it.  Whatever she told me to do, I did.  I did the workouts she designed and ate the foods she told me to eat. I dropped 10 pounds the first month.  This was exciting.  I dropped 10 pounds the second month.  Even more exciting.  I realized she was right.  I lost that 30 pounds she said I would, in less time than originally thought.  And I didn’t stop there.   I kept following the fitness program Nicole put me on, and eating the way she explained I should.   It was easy, all I had to do was follow her directions. (The workouts are challenging, just never say ‘I can’t’). I was starting to see muscle where there used to be fat.  I traded my oversized t-shirts and baggy sweatpants for cute workout tanks and shorts. I was shopping again, and it was fun!

In 9 months time I went from a size 14 to a size 2!  My energy level is amazing and I enjoy eating healthy and exercising daily.  I can weed my flower beds and work in my garden without becoming winded.  I don’t like to sit still anymore.

What a difference in a year’s time. This year for my birthday, I bought a 2 piece swimsuit and cute little sundress.  I knew I could do this, I just needed direction.  Nicole gave me that direction!