At what point does the average person realize they have let their health take a backseat to everyday ‘life happens’ issues and decide to do something about it?  Well for me it was on a trip to Hawaii (January 2009) with my wife Sonja and daughter Jessica. The one thing Jessica really wanted to do while there was zip line. Got the brochure, view looked amazing—zip lining in the West Maui Mountains, seeing the ocean in the distance. Things looked great! Until we got to the fine print: “Maximum weight allowed 270 pounds”.  I had to break my daughter’s heart by telling her we couldn’t go—I scaled at 287 pounds.  ‘How and when did THIS happen?’ I asked myself. Then the bigger question was ‘how am I going to fix this?’ When we got home from that vacation, we made a pact as a family that we would change our lives and lose weight together. I changed my eating habits and put together a cardio and weight lifting plan and was able to lose 50 lbs. over the next 6 months or so.  I never really had any signs of strength or tone increases but my weight was down. My wife on the other hand was using a personal trainer (Nicole) who had helped her lose weight and also strengthen and tone.  In January 2010, I decided that I, too, needed the structure and support that a personal trainer provides. I needed Nicole. What a revelation! In 6 months with Nicole, I lost an additional 45 lbs., dropped 10% body fat and gained tremendous amounts of strength and confidence. I was able to stop taking medication for high blood pressure as it was now in a normal range. My knees don’t hurt, my shoulders don’t ache. I feel good!  Though my goal was strength and fitness when I began my journey with Nicole, I soon found out that there was more to it. I had found a true friend, teacher, nutritionist, counselor, sponsor and mentor. There are certain people in this world who truly change your life. Nicole has completely changed mine. 
Thank you Nicole for everything!