What would YOU attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail? If you just want to know what I can do for you, skip ahead to the about you section!


I graduated from Lindenwood University with my B.S. in Developmental Psychology. My Personal Training career began in 2005 at 24 Hour Fitness. I earned a plethora of nationally recognized certifications (NASM CPT, ACE CPT, AFAA CPT, NASM CES, NASM PES), acquired the highest rank of Master Trainer and eventually worked not only as a full time Personal Trainer but also as an Assistant Fitness Manager. I spent time coordinating special incentive weight loss challenges, educating other trainers within our district about how to properly assess movement and offer corrective exercise strategies.

By August of 2010, I began working as an independent contractor within an elite private training studio. During this time, I continued to specialize in weight loss and corrective exercise but also began to grow my natural bodybuilding clientele exponentially by offering full service competition prep services: nutrition, weight training, cardio, sleep, hydration, supplementation, peak week, posing suit selection, comparison posing, individual posing routine and in person coaching on the day of show. 93% of my first time competitors have placed top 5 in pro-qualifying events and I was the first and only person in the midwest to offer a free posing clinic weekly for 3 years in a row. Besides coaching individual presentation walks, I’ve also choreographed elaborate posing routines for physique and bodybuilding competitors. Ive also had the pleasure of becoming an NANBF Judge and sitting on the judging panel.

I personally competed from 2005-2013, almost always placing top 3 in my categories. I never quite had what it took to earn my Professional Figure competition credentials though I’ve trained beginner competitors through the novice rankings to the professional circuit. In 2013 I competed for the (tentatively) last time, hanging up my competitor heels for business ownership as my husband and I opened Dudas Fitness. Since opening, I’ve continued to pursue my education so that I can continue to offer the BEST services to my clients. I’ve since earned my Precision Nutrition L1, NASM Golf Specialist and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher credentials.


I specialize in corrective exercise (assessing movement and posture and developing exercise routines to avoid potential injuries or to correct alignment and posture to work around existing ones) and physique changes (weight loss and muscle gaining through nutrition and exercise). This is still a primary service I offer through Personal Training, but I am projected to complete my Professional Yoga Therapist training in 2019 and will begin to offer Yoga Therapy as a service.

After many years of training, I have found that individuals with special considerations always find their way to my door through referrals. I have experience working with and supporting clients who have had joint replacements, back “problems” (herniations, bulges), cancer, auto-immune diseases (such as arthritis, Type-1 diabetes, Hashimoto’s, celiac, ulcerative colitis), neurological disorders/diseases (such as Parkinsons, ALS, Guillain-Barré Syndrome), digestive diseases (Crohn’s, Irritable Bowel Disorder) and much more. My job as their personal trainer has been to customize fitness routines and lifestyle changes to make them as strong and healthy as possible. As a yoga therapist, my scope broadens beyond what i’m capable of addressing as a personal trainer. It is not within my scope of practice to diagnose or treat but rather my role is to assess the whole individual (body, mind, spirit) and offer support through yoga movement (asana), stretches, strengthening exercises, breathing (pranayama), meditation, and a disciplined lifestyle (nutrition, social support, work life, sleep, etc). The role of a Yoga Therapist is to assess the whole individual and to work alongside the specialized care of a medical professional. While I still specialize in corrective exercise and physique changes such as weight loss and muscle gain, I have ultimately found that most people are searching for wellness and optimal living and through Yoga Therapy I am better suited to address those with special medical considerations.


I have learned that people have gotten accustomed to feeling bad. They forget the healing power of functional breathing, optimal mobility and stability, nutrition appropriate to their unique makeup, adequate sleep, working with the natural rhythms of the body and healthy body composition. Instead of merely treating the symptoms of poor health management, begin to thrive and live life more fully.

Success lies in you. My clients are known to lose more weight than they originally thought they were capable of, accomplish physical feats they thought were reserved for those with "youth" on their side, and feel the best they have in their entire lives. While my personal experience and extensive education means that you and your goals are in good hands, it is my positive attitude, encouragement, and patience that will lead you to success... beyond!