What would YOU attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail?

People are accustomed to feeling bad. They forget the healing power of resistance training, mobility, stability, food as medicine, smart supplementation, cardiovascular conditioning, and ideal body composition. Instead of merely treating the symptoms of poor health management, (aches and pains, increasingly poor quality of sleep, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, decreasing energy and out of control blood sugar levels) I will help you to see how to address how you live your entire life in order to support your short and long term health and wellness goals. Training with me involves more than receiving a great workout routine. I ask that my clients be ready to change their life to support their goal. Any trainer can starve weight off of a person. Anyone can run someone through a really exhausting, killer workout. Let's move beyond that. Let's find success that LASTS. Let's prevent injuries, assess how you sleep, how you breathe... Let's Dudas!

While my personal experience and extensive education means that you and your goals are in good hands, it is my positive attitude, encouragement, and patience that will lead you to success... beyond. I want my client to thrive physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Heres all of the details of my training career and education.

I graduated from Lindenwood University with my B.S. in Developmental Psychology. I began my personal training career with 24 Hour Fitness in 2005 and competed in my first lightweight bodybuilding competition at the age of 21. I actively competed in figure competitions for the next 10 years. In my time with 24 Hour Fitness, I focused on my education and earned a plethora of nationally recognized certifications (NASM CPT, NASM CES, NASM PES, ACE CPT, AFAA, APEX, BodyBugg, GROUP X). I later became an Assistant Fitness Manager and earned the highest rank of Master Trainer.

By August of 2010, I left the corporate training space and joined an elite private training studio. This environment allowed me to develop my own training style and cater to my clients better with "as needed" services. Furthermore, I was able to cater to my niche market of bikini and figure athletes who didn't need a "gym membership" to train with me. I became an expert at physique changes while keeping long term health and wellness a priority. 

In 2012, I became an RYT-200 after a year of rigorous study and began teaching group yoga classes. In 2017 and after another year of study, I became an RYT-500. The philosophical basis for the yoga training is a blend of 'East meets West': the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Pancha Maya (Kosha) Model, the Five Elements, the Kleshas, the Gunas, Ayurveda, and the Enneagram, as well as evolutionary psychology, neuroscience and bio-mechanics. I am currently in the middle of 3 years of training to become a Professional Yoga Therapist. Yoga Therapy Training through The Circle Yoga Shala is organized upon 4 areas of skill development. 1). Assessments derived from movement and the form of the body in stillness in order to find dysfunctional asymmetries and compensations that arise from injury, sedentary life, and our cultural situation. 2). Looking deeply into the theories of the life force (Prana) to understand breath in a new way, and to link that understanding to specific diseases and the body-mind systems that they affect. 3). Delving into Ayurvedic theories on daily ritual, the 6 tastes of the human palette and their relationship with digestion, emotion and well being. 4). Working to understand the nature of trauma and its effects on body, mind, and relationship so that positive action can be taken to digest, integrate, and release its affects.