Kathy Lost 50lbs

"...When I first began working with him, I was 50lbs overweight, and very intimidated at the thought of getting in shape.  Six short months later, I was a new person and have never looked back! I have never felt stronger or healthier...."

Harry Lost 60lbs

"...I needed to do something. I was turning 60, was 60 lbs overweight, and had hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol. I should have known what to do, after all, I am an M.D., board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology...."

Steph                                         Lost 130lbs

Ron Lost 110lbs

"...Things looked great! Until we got to the fine print: “Maximum weight allowed 270 pounds”.  I had to break my daughter’s heart by telling her we couldn’t go—I scaled at 287 pounds.  ‘How and when did THIS happen?’ I asked myself...."