A year ago I started a journey to become a fit, healthier me, FOR ME. I wanted to build muscle, have definition, learn to eat healthier and to test my determination to see what my body is capable of achieving. Well, I can say it hasn't been easy but so worth it. I'm having so much fun in watching my progress, learning so many different techniques with the help of my awesome trainer Candace Keevil as without her, I would not be at the fitness stage I'm at now. Candace educates you, pushes you and listens to YOUR goals and helps you achieve those. For that, I'm healthier and most importantly I'm happy, and loving how my body is transforming. I've met some awesome people at Dudas fitness which is a place I love going to! I'm anxious and determined to continue on this journey and want to say thank you to Dudas Fitness and most importantly to my trainer Candace Keevil for believing in me! Let's Dudas!!!