I believe that fitness should be fun, functional, challenging, safe, and most of all rewarding. What we do in the gym will work outside the gym. My clients typically say things like:
"I don't get tired chasing after my kids anymore!" "I can lift/move things by myself now!" "After training with you I feel like I can do anything!"  
Train with me and you will become stronger, leaner, and more confident. Expect to look better, move better and feel great. My workouts will build you up, not exhaust you. After our sessions you will feel strong, and ready to take on the rest of the day. So how do we get there? We're going to do full body functional workouts, 2 - 3x a week. At Dudas Fitness there are lots of great equipment options. My favorite all encompassing tool is the kettlebell. Did you know that kettlebells - 
⁃ burn 20 calories a minute? 
⁃ improve mobility and range of motion?
⁃ increase your body's resistance to injury?
⁃ burn fat and build muscle simultaneously?
Kettlebell lifting is a skill. As an AKC certified kettlebell instructor, I'll teach you safe and proper technique.

My favorite fat burning modality is Boxing. Did you know that boxing workouts - 
⁃ decrease stress?
⁃ build bone density?
⁃ increase confidence?
⁃ burn up to 700 calories an hour?
Boxing is fun and empowering. Our boxing workouts aren't going to be a bunch of rope skipping and burpees. We're going to hit stuff!
I love being a personal trainer. It's my dream job. You'll feel that when we train. If you are ready to find a new, effective and exciting way to train that will give you the results you want, I offer personal training with workouts completely customized to your goals. I also offer a signature brand of small group training options including: Bags n Bells, 30 Minute Punch Out, Brick House Bootcamp, and 30 Minute Swing and Slam. Small group sizes are limited to 6 people so that you get the attention you deserve!