Laurie is a vegan, which means she doesn't eat animal products of any kind. No cheese, no eggs, no fish and obviously no other meat. Whey and casein protein powder are milk byproducts, so those are out too. She eats extremely healthy and, in fact, doesn't eat processed meat substitutes either!

Some people think you must eat most of the above to gain muscle mass, but Laurie is a walking example that you certainly don't have to! She eats plant based protein sources, tofu, fresh fruits and veggies.

Prior to her training with Nicole, she had ZERO formal weight training experience. Now, she lifts 4x a week in a gym setting! ...the ongoing results... Laurie is gaining muscle (and lots of it). 

In a little over two years Laurie has gained a total of just over 17 lbs of lean body mass, AKA muscle! She has stayed lean and has noticed her strength increasing consistently.

Very impressive results! Great work Laurie!