I have been training with Nick since 2011. His knowledge of corrective exercise has been key in the achievement of my fitness goals. I have had lower back problems since 2008, and exercising has always been a concern for me. But Nick has designed exercise plans that, not only are safe for my back, but also strengthen my body in effort to protect me from further injury. My back pain is significantly reduced as a direct result of his training. Since January 2013, he has help me lose over 60 pounds and decreased my body fat significantly without losing any muscle. His many certifications give him the knowledge that most other trainers lack. Not only does he train you, but he educates you. Even though he trains me physically, he has also helps me recognize the lifestyle that should follow in order to stay healthy. He has also helped me design meal plans that I can stick to. Never once since training with him have I ever felt like I was on a diet, and he always has interesting meals for me to try. I feel better, look better, and have more confidence. Thank you Nick for guiding me on a path to better health.