I started working out on my own about 4 years ago. I was able to drop some weight but it didn't stay off for too long. By my senior year in college I was back up to a size 16 and 230lbs! I couldn't believe I had once worked so hard to get down to a size 10 and I let myself go. I joined the gym with my mom with the attitude that we will motivate each other. Mom started training with Nicole while I worked out on my own. I would often do routines with her on days she was not training, and I loved it! The routines were challenging but fun. My dad joined the gym and started training withNicole in January and by the end of February I started with her as well. It only took me 11 months to drop 50lbs! Right now I am down 56lbs and I just bought my first pair of size 7 shorts! I never thought I would be in this size. My goal was to fit into my jeans I wore when I thought I was skinny, and now those are a little big! I feel great and have more energy than ever before. Thanks to Nicole, I have reached my first set of goals and look forward to meeting my next goal, which is 75lbs lost! I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!
Thanks so much Nicole, you have changed my life!