I started training with Nick a year ago in November. I had just trained for and completed my very first full marathon, and I was a complete mess!  

While training I made the common mistake of running only, with no cross training or strength training. I had major IT band issues, my hips hurt, my knees hurt, my feet hurt, my back hurt, …. you get the idea.  

Nick put me through an evaluation workout and quickly found all my areas of weakness. He began strengthening my hips, my core, my back, my gluteus etc. Slowly but surely my aches and pains began to diminish. My IT band and foot issues completely went away and I began to excel in my running. 

This past October I ran a 10K. I’ve completed several 10K’s in the past, but could never seem to run under 58 minutes or break the 9 minute per mile pace.  

This race was different. 

I ran a 53:34, beating my old record by almost 5 minutes. My average overall pace was 8:38, and I had a great last mile kick at a pace of 8:07. I ranked 11th out of 95 female competitors in my age group of 45-49! Wooo hooo!  

Needless to say I have been very happy with my progress, and Nick’s expertise and professionalism have played a huge, huge part in my success!