Let me start by saying that although trainers may look intimidating; they are not. When I first started coming to Nick, I worried that he would not understand what my goals were. I wanted to lose weight but what does he know about that - he is already in great shape! I learned that trainers are here for YOU and can help you reach whatever goal you want to meet. Don't be intimidated! My goal was to lose weight, but if you wanted to get fit for that first mile to run or walk, or maybe you want to do a 5k or even a marathon - they can help you achieve it. Your trainer will know how to work around any injuries you might have. Nick knows of various issues I have had through the years and we always can work around them. You don't realize what you CAN do until your trainer tells you to try it - and you do it! I have come a long way but still want to remain healthy for the rest of my life. Nick has made this place feel like a second home to me. Workouts DON'T feel intimidating, like they would if you go to a gym with that "gym feeling". Nick and Nicole have made Dudas Fitness to be All About U!!!. IT TRULY IS ALL ABOUT U!