"Nicole Dudas is a one of a kind personal trainer. I can't imagine where I would be without her in my life. 

In 2000, I was 46 years old and weighed 265 pounds and wearing a size 24-26. I had surgery on my knee and had several things repaired. I was told I was a good candidate for a knee replacement in the next 5-10 years. This is when I decided to take control of my life. 

Over the years, I worked with several different trainers and was able to take off some weight and get some of my mobility back. By age 50, I thought I had achieved my goals, but I was always looking for something a little different. It wasn't until I met Nicole that I finally found what I was missing. Until then, I had been training with what I call "cookie cutter" trainers. People that know their stuff, but apply it the same way to all people, regardless of their age, strengths, abilities and needs. 

Since working with Nicole, for the past 4 or 5 years, I finally found what I was missing with all of the other trainers, someone who really cares about all of you, not just today's workout or what the scale says. 

My life is extremely stressful and I have lots of responsibilities. Because of this my goals and time are not always mine or not what I want them to be. Nicole understands and helps me keep going and keep achieving more.

My major goal when I met her was to get my blood pressure and cholesterol under control without having to use medication like the rest of my family. I've reached this goal and even have surprised my doctor and family at how good and consistent my numbers are. But it didn't stop there like I would have thought with all of the other trainers. Nicole showed me how to gain strength, do things I never thought possible, lose weight, and become healthier regardless of the ups and downs in my life. She has done all of this and more.

Nicole has a way of "reading" me like no one else ever has. When I get stressed and am ready to put everything on the back burner, she comes up with a plan to keep me going without adding to my stress. She seems to know what I need before I even tell her. My workouts always reflect what is good for me and I always leave feeling better about myself both physically and mentally. I'm not saying that she lets me skate by -- she knows how to keep you going and she knows how to push you to become the best you can be. 

I just turned 58, and I may not be my "perfect" size yet, but I am staying at a size 14-16, am healthier and more active than I have ever been. I am doing things I never thought would be possible. I have muscles for the first time in my life. I like to bike ride, zipline, snorkel, and do all kinds of activities I've never been able to do. I even managed to become a certified diver in three days while on vacation. As my children say, I don't act my age. 

Thanks to Nicole, I am not old anymore. I am very active, healthy and everyday I get younger not older. I can't wait to see what 60 has in store for me. With Nicole I know I will just continue to get better no matter what life throws my way. She is definitely a one of a kind trainer, the best anyone could hope for."

Since writing this, Donna has turned 60 and is, in fact, a MASTER DIVER!