I am so excited to be training at Dudas Fitness. After training on my own for over two years I was able to achieve modest improvement in my results at the state Senior Games sprint competitions. On a very strong referral I decided to begin training with Nick Dudas so that I could focus on significant improvement in my results. After an initial evaluation and an 8 week training period with Nick, where we focused on improved form, strength, and a healthy diet, I posted personal records in my events and qualified for the National Senior Games sprint competitions. I am now eight months into my training at Dudas Fitness and am training for improved performance for the National Senior Games in July 2015. I am looking forward to participation in these national events. Nick is providing me confidence as we work together to further improve strength, explosiveness, endurance, and form, while maintaining a healthy diet. Thank you Nick for your knowledge, encouragement, and commitment to guiding me to be the best that I can be. Your approach to providing an exclusive training club is perfect for me.