Casey believes the therapeutic value of exercise is priceless, yet the most underutilized anti-depressant.  Lacking physical activity and poor nutrition will not achieve an optimal quality of life.  Most people exercise to look good and Casey believes exercising to feel great should be a priority.  As the years go by, people need to become increasingly aware of exercise to maintain good physical and mental health. 

Casey started personal training as a part time job while making a living as a meat cutter.  However he needed a change. A love for the lifestyle and having family involved with training opened the door.  In a very short period of time, it became clear to Casey he is passionate about being a personal trainer.  Do what makes you happy and if you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life!

Casey spent several years at a “big gym”, before he realized he could do more outside the corporate umbrella.  Therefore he moved on to start Inner Drive Fitness, based out of the world renowned Dudas Fitness. A place where new, healthy, and wonderful lifestyles can begin.

Certifications including ACMS CPT and the Functional Movement Screen (FSM L1), Casey wants to screen, assess, and design the right program for your individual goals and needs while keeping your health and wellness in mind.  We must first move well, then move often.

Exercise and physical activity are only part of the equation for a healthy lifestyle.  Precision Nutrition (PN1) certified, Casey will look at how certain behaviors can be modified to properly balance nutrition to keep you going and the fuel your body needs to recover, thus promoting a healthier lifestyle.  For the most part, if you can't grow it or kill it, don't eat it.

We must be prepared for a challenge if we want to see change. As a trainer, Casey will guide you down the path, however the path is yours to create.  The path of a healthier you or the path you have already been on.  You must choose!  Change doesn't happen over night.  Patience is a virtue that most of us don't possess. It can be done with the right motivation and will power. It all starts on the inside.