I am 56 years old and I have been working out with Nicole for over 2 1/2years.  Although I had exercised off and on all during my adult life, I always would become bored with my routine and after a few months or so would quit.  When I decided to start working out with a personal trainer I had just recovered from a injury and had just completed  physical therapy.  I started working out slowly with Nicole twice a week.  That was about all my body could take at the time. Very sore, stiff muscles were the norm at first.  Gradually I was able to add the elliptical machine for 30 minutes one other day a week.  Over the course of the first year I was able to add a variety of workouts depending on the weather and my boredom tolerance.  Nicole has been instrumental in keeping me on track with my non trainer days.  I usually visit the gym on my own twice a week and hike with a friend once a week now. I love seeing that I actually have muscles, something that I never had before.    Since I love to cook and eat, Nicole has been helpful in nudging me to eat healthier nutritionally.  I love some of the recipes that she has found or developed herself and is willing to share with the rest of us.  Nicole is always upbeat and makes the workout enjoyable which is probably a big reason why I am still working out.  Nicole's knowledge as a personal trainer coupled with understanding what motivates her clients to excel and her interest in nutrition helps her give each client more than just a good workout.