What could you accomplish if you knew you would not fail?”

I read this on Nicole’s website and knew I must work with her. I was seeking a trainer, my goal was to increase my activity and improve fitness. I met Nicole for a consultation where we discussed my goals and how she could help me. At the time, running a 5K, 10K or Tough Mudder weren’t even a consideration for me, I just wanted to be healthier.

Nicole not only challenged me to push my body harder ... she challenged my perception of what is possible.Nicole is an amazing motivator and her combination of serenity and stubbornness makes doing the impossible, actually fun (sometimes). 

In 4 months I lost 46 pounds ... Nicole’s plan included workouts, nutrition and activity focusing on weight loss.Nicole knows fitness and she knows how to lead, train, motivate and inspire. She showed me what is possible.

In the past nine months I’ve run a race every month; I started with 5Ks and graduated to 10Ks. Now, I’m hooked on Tough Mudders. Without Nicole there’s no way I’d be here. Working with her was the best fitness and health decision I’ve ever made. My entire family is impressed with the transition, but best of all, my wife says I’ve got my “mojo” back!