I began working with Nicole Dudas in July of 2014. I wanted to compete in my first fitness competition and was aware of her posing classes that anyone could attend. After that first class I knew I wanted to hire her as I saw her passion for what she does. I also saw what an amazing teacher she is. I hired her on the spot. By hiring her, I felt an instant connection, partnership with her. I trusted her completely & did what she said even when I didn't totally understand. She has been an amazing guide through this unfamiliar territory. I got through my first bikini competition very smoothly at age 41. I have taken my fitness to the next level & could not have done it so effortlessly without Nicole's help. She is a true asset. I could not have picked a more skilled trainer. I am a trainer myself and have worked with many the past 12 years. I give Nicole my highest praise & recommendation. I love the way she not only listens to me, but hears me & is quick to offer a great solution that always works. No matter what your goal, NicoleDudas will get you there.