In the Spring of 2013 as I was preparing for my second fitness competition I started posing with Nicole Dudas. The group posing classes were so beneficial and I was impressed with everyone who welcomed me as a new comer in this group. Nicole choreographed my T- walk routine and worked with me on correcting my form as it was a little rough.

I continued attending the posing practices in preparation for future shows and in the summer of 2014 she started training me once a week and began to write my meal plans to help get ready for the September show.

I have been a fitness instructor for 30 years and doing some personal training and nutrition consultations with several people for nearly four years so was already familiar with food prep but was completely impressed with the level of knowledge she had and taught me so many things about how I needed to be eating and training based on my body type.

I am 51 years young and my body type is an ectomorph which means putting on muscle and being able to maintain it has always been a challenge. I trusted her and when she loaded my intake with carbohydrates the response was very quick and we were seeing improvements not only physically but also in my recovery.

That show I stepped out of my comfort zone and into a new category and was very pleased to have placed.

I love everything about Dudas Fitness, the gym is exceptionally clean, all of the trainers are friendly and the level of professionalism and knowledge they all have has been such a positive experience.  

I look forward to continue training with Nicole and have referred several of my friends to her who also have received great results and respect for her. I highly recommend their facility for all ages, goals and levels of fitness and am very thankful to have found them.