I have always considered myself very active and have lived a pretty healthy lifestyle. My real frustration started after I turned 50 and no matter what I would do I could not keep my weight where I wanted it, in fact it seemed like the more cardio I did the more weight I would gain. Thinking a personal trainer would help, I quickly realized that it had to be the right trainer. After going thru several, Nicole came highly recommended and she changed my life! Not only did she help me reach a personal goal of competing in a bodybuilding competition at age 52 but she taught me about nutrition, workouts and that if you do the right thing that at any age you will get results. She held me accountable for my actions but with compassion and in a non-judging way. I feel like I have a new lease on life and I know the skills she has taught me will be a part of me forever. And I look forward to reaching more physical goals with her to guide and direct me.