In My Senior year of High school it was very clear I had taken an interest in Anatomy and Physiology and the systems of the body. Immediately after High School graduation I enrolled in the Massage Therapy Program at Missouri College in St. Louis, Missouri, Oct 2003. In May of 2004 I graduated with Top Honors in my class and later went on to work as a Massage Therapist. After trying out a couple different job settings etc, I found myself in a gym setting and really enjoyed it. The clients were very health conscious and it was great for regular business for me. In 2008 I furthered my LMT education receiving a rare certification in Ashiatsu (Foot Pressure) Bar Therapy and in 2009 received another rare certification in Thai Massage (Advanced Stretch technique). I am also trained in Deep Tissue and Pre-Natal massage as well. 

After 3 years of working in a Personal Training Studio I decided to take my training to the next level by training for a Figure Competition. I bought my 1st gym membership in 2003 and worked out routinely for 5 years but was never very serious about it. Throughout those years I had always been told I had great structure, size and symmetry for those competitions and that I would do well. In 2010 won the Figure Overalls at my 1st 2 shows, then went on to compete Nationally, becoming a consistent Top 5 placer for 2 yrs. In November 2012 I received the highly sought after IFBB Professional status in Figure. 2013 has been my 1st year on the IFBB Pro stage, and I finished 7th back in March at my Pro Debut, the IFBB St. Louis Pro. This year I have also gotten into the judging side of things during my off season. August of this year I graduated as an NPC Official judge and I look forward to judging in 2014 for the NPC Organization!

While working in the private Personal Training studio for 4 years and competitively competing in NPC Figure, I was inspired to study and receive my CPT Certification through ACSM. This Certification was one of the Gold standards in Fitness and I wanted one of the best recognized. I have been doing both Personal Training and Massage Therapy for the last 2 years and it has made me very versatile in my work environment. As a LMT, ACSM CPT, IFBB Pro, I look forward to bringing alot to the table in serveral aspects of Fitness, personal or professional with Dudas Fitness!

It is my passion and duty to inspire those to be the best version of themselves possible for quality of life and well being!