Our clients are selective individuals who seek out the most passionate, educated, and qualified professionals to help them transform their lives. As a Dudas Fitness client, you will enjoy the warm, welcoming atmosphere of our studio and the cutting edge training techniques and equipment used by our personal trainers. 

You can feel confident that your unique needs and lifestyle are considered as our highly sought after personal trainers, massage therapists, and class instructors guide you toward achieving and maintaining optimal health and fitness. Since our career trainers have been training from 5-12 years, they know the proven ways to get you to your goals. Like to work with the pilates reformer, boxing, olympic lifting, or partake in natural, primitive movement? We've got a trainer who specializes in what you love. Special considerations such as auto-immune disease, chronic back pain, a recent or upcoming surgery? Our trainers are not your run of the mill "I train people for fun, on the side" trainer... these are trainers who have gone through rigorous training in order to work with, around, and in support of your considerations.

Our services include one-on-one personal training, small group training, group classes, and massage. We also host a variety of exciting events and educational workshops. Ready to take the first step; schedule your free consultation now.